About Sciart Marketing

Sciart Marketing, a UK based agency founded in 2022.

Sciart Marketing is a UK based Data Marketing Agency that help brands to navigate and deliver improved business outcomes across all your marketing channels, we do this by applying a value driven approach leveraging marketing data and business strategy.

In today’s complex and ever changing world, companies need to be quicker and more nimble than ever before, not only understand, but also be able to react to the ever changing consumer needs and external factors as technology advances and the competitor landscape evolves.

With Sciart Marketing you will have a flexible partner that enables you to be agile and responsive in this VUCA world. We work with ambitious brands and progressive companies to deliver data driven marketing with a strong focus on Value and Trust delivered by great people and technology.

Take a look at how we have helped other brands to succeed and connect with us today to learn more about your opportunities and deliver greater value to your customers and consumers.

Sciart values

Be proud

We are proud of our actions, we believe in joint value creation.

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Do good

We don't wait on the sideline, we take action and we do good now.

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Have fun

We work on average ⅓ of our lifetime, if we cant have fun what's the point.

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