Connecting science and art to deliver ethical data driven marketing.

Our team has worked with leading companies around the globe delivering connected ecosystem and MarTech solutions, our mission is to use science and art to deliver ethical data driven marketing activities, we do this primarily via our four core service lines, Consult, Connect, Convert and Capabilities.

Sciart Marketing Limited Services

Consult & Strategy

We create a connected MarTech ecosystem for our client’s where we can support and empower their data with everything from audience to tagging and tracking strategies.

Consult and strategy
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Connect & Capture

We have helped our clients to connect everything from their ads and emails, to cookies and other data points enabling them to understand consumer behaviours so they can create a preference in an ethical way.

Capture and connect
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Convert & Analyse

We work with clients to analyse their marketing activations and use this insight to form and test optimisation strategies that we activate across the digital marketing ecosystem.

Convert and analyse
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Capabilities & Tools

The latest Marketing technology landscape has over 8000 vendors and although we don’t work with all of them, we have experience with 100’s and are open to work with most of our clients vendors, however if you are unfamiliar with what vendors to use, we do have a couple of partners that we regularly use and recommend (when the requirements suit).

Piwik Pro

Piwik Pro is a behavioural analytics solution with a focus on user security and privacy.

Piwik Pro has many features you would expect of behavioural analytics solutions enabling you to understand the full customer journey. On top of that it has capabilities such as tag and consent management, due to these capabilities and data centres in Europe they have positioned themself as one of the few vendors that can capture behavioural analytical data in an ethical and GDPR compliant way pre cookie consent.

Why we recommend it:

  • 100% data ownership
  • Compliance with EU cookie law
  • Un-sampled reporting
  • Unlimited data export
  • Unlimited hits per month
  • User-centric reporting
  • Funnel attribution and analytics


Google Analytics, Tag manager and Google Ads

Google Analytics is a wold class analytics solution, the latest version Google Analytics 4 is replacing Universal Analytics and have a completly new data model that is focused on events instead of hits.

Google tag manager is avalible as both client side and serverside, we highly reccomend our clients to use both.

Google Ads is the main way to advertise on Google search and display network, its reach have gone so far that "google" is defiend in Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Why we reccoment Google Analytics:

  • Google Analytics integrates with other Google services perfectly
  • Powerful audiences for your ad campaigns
  • Visualisations and reporting
  • Automated Analytics Intelligence And Insights
  • Combines both web and app data

Why we reccoment Google Tag Manager:

  • Centralisation of tag management
  • Website’s performance and user experience
  • Control all of your tracking and marketing tags in one place
  • Reduce work for the IT team
  • Server and client side tag managment

Why we reccoment Google Ads:

  • Targeting capabilities
  • Googles reach
  • Ability to leverage audience’s intent
  • Budget control
  • Remarketing capabilities
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