CRO Secret Revealed: How Emotional Product Copy Drove a Whopping 50% More Revenue for Our Client

Are you struggling to drive sales for your business? The secret might surprise you: it's often as simple as tapping into the emotions of your audience. At Sciart, we recently conducted a CRO experiment for one of our clients to A/B test some updated product copy, and the results were nothing short of amazing.

Our objective was to understand if a more emotionally engaging message would resonate with their visitors and lead to an increase in conversions. We ran the experiment for 27 days and our results showed that whilst the new copy didn't necessarily encourage more visitors to add to basket, it did drive a significant uplift in purchase revenue - a staggering 52.51% increase!

This means that visitors who saw the new, emotionally charged copy were more likely to commit and make a purchase, resulting in a substantial boost in revenue for our client. If our client had updated the copy sooner, they could have driven an additional tens of thousands in revenue in just the first quarter alone!

What's more, we achieved this uplift without highlighting any new features or benefits of the product. Instead, by focusing on the emotional impact the product could have on the user, rather than the scientific aspects of the product, we created a more compelling message that resonated with our client's audience.

This experiment has validated a valuable lesson: it's not just about what your product does, but how it makes your customers feel is always more important. By tapping into the emotions of your audience, you can create a more powerful message that drives more conversions and boosts your revenue.

If you're looking to boost your own sales, consider taking a closer look at the emotional impact of your product or service. And if you need help with CRO experiments and testing, Sciart is here to help you achieve similar results and drive more revenue for your business.