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Hot Octopuss logo
Hot Octopuss logo
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Hot Octopuss is an innovator and a leading e-commerce retailer within the sexual wellness sector. The company talks frankly about sexual health and pleasure and champions inclusivity in both its product range and the way it communicates with its audience.

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Hot Octopuss wanted to increase net profit and ROI and also grow the brand. Sciart’s advanced data-driven marketing maximised the value of their online assets.

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Because of the nature of the products that Hot Octopuss sell, paid ads are not always able to reach a wide audience. We knew that introducing Hot Octopuss to Conversion Rate Optimisation would transform the way customers interacted with the website.

We call the different stages of optimising a client’s website and paid ads “experiments”. An experiment might not always give you the result you expected, but it’s about pushing for success and being unafraid to fail. We don’t rush experiments – each takes at least two weeks, to give us a complete insight into typical customer behaviour.

  • INCREASED TRUST - Increased trust increases sales. We used social proof (via Nudgify) to encourage the audience to make that final commitment. Nudgify gave us live social proof within a day.
  • STRONGER BRANDING - The site had a high bounce rate so we re-branded the consent pop-up to feel more like Hot Octopuss.
  • SALIENCE - We realised the checkout button wasn’t prominent enough for customers, so we experimented with changing its colour. We used five colours
  • FRICTION - The easier you can make a task, the greater the likelihood someone will complete it. By using geolocation API we set defaults that increased revenue with 8%.
  • FRAMING - The way in which a choice is presented can influence how we feel about it.


By making small changes we have not only increased our ROI, our overall profitability is up.


  • INCREASED TRUST - Instantly increasing conversion rate by more than 8%.
  • STRONGER BRANDING - Bounce rate dropped more than 6%, leading to thousands of pounds of extra revenue each month.
  • FRAMING - By ordering the product on category pages with popularity versus price we increased revenue with 15%.
  • SALIENCE - Boosted conversion rate on page alone by 23%.


Julia Margo COO at Hot Octopuss

Julia Margo

COO at Hot Octopuss

Working with Sciart has changed the way we engage with our audience. By making small changes we have not only increased our ROI, our overall profitability is up. We are now looking forward to see changes on paid and email as well.