Independantly validating the truth in data for the UKs largest carportal

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Carsnip is the UK’s largest used car search engine. Driving the the top dealership stock in the UK for the very best in consumer choice.

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Carsnip has a complex SPA site & data system at its heart where tens of thousands of data points are connected & cleaned.

Carsnip value in accuracy and tranparency led them to bring in Sciart as an independent third party to both refine and ensure their point of truth in data was accurate and correct, both for itself and of course their customers

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We wanted to compare apples with apples as one would say and to find the point of truth, we did this by using the same logic but via entirely different systems.

Key processes

  • Collected data using secure middleware
  • Cleaned and implemented Carsnips business logic across the cleansed data sets
  • Established the core data & found this to be 99% accurate
  • From there we further enhanced their findings & insights
  • Finally we helped to streamline some of the processes required saving them money overall


The project was delivered over 6 months & the results literally ‘paid for themsleves‘.


  • Reinforced confidence in data & margins
  • Improved collection & cleansing process led to reducing technical debt
  • The output of all of the above led to an improved ROI within the company
  • From there we further enhanced their findings & insights


Philip White Commercial Director at Carsnip Ltd

Philip White

Commercial Director at Carsnip Ltd

Fred at Sciart came recommended to us by our group head of digital to support Carsnip. The Carsnip systems are relatively complex from a data standpoint and are intrinsically linked to all decisions that we make here at Carsnip and we wanted further clarity on a number of areas that we were expanding into. Sciart helped us look at our data with a fresh approach and helped us gain insights valuable insights swiftly. They went above and beyond and I could not recommend the members of the team we worked with specifically Fred and Agnes who were fantastic.